Authentication Process: Connecting the Dots of Being a Believer and Living a Life of Purpose 


Like so many people, after accepting God’s Word, Brinda Devine wanted to take this new fullness and use it, but she did not know how. She was saved and felt enlightened, but what was she supposed to do next? How could she take the Christian principle of purpose and apply it to her everyday life … how could she connect the dots? In this follow-up book to Discover Your Value, Discover Your Purpose, the author shares her journey of authentication because she believes there is a huge disconnect in churches when it comes to teaching Believers how to apply God’s Word to their own lives. We attend church and hear sermons about loving and serving God, and loving our neighbors—but how can we apply and extend God’s Word if we don’t even love ourselves? Brinda realized she needed to connect the dots before she could fully embrace God’s teachings in her everyday life—and most importantly—live the life of purpose that He had planned for her well before she was born. This memoir includes notes the author made during her authentication process—a journey she cautions is a lifetime process—with Bible Scriptures and exercises at the end of each chapter to guide readers along their individual journeys. As she explains, “No one on this earth is perfect; no one expects you to score 100% on each and every challenge you encounter in life. I believe the goal for us, as Believers, is to recognize and acknowledge our weaknesses and allow ourselves to lean on and depend on God to handle every situation. When I learned to lean on and depend on God’s strength instead of my own, the weight of my challenges and struggles lightened, life felt easier, and my energy and perspective shifted from my troubles to become the authentic person God called me to be.”

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    Publisher: Evangeline Publishing; 1st edition (2019)

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