Note To Self with Brinda Devine

People are afraid to ask this question.

Some don’t know that they can ask.

Some are waiting for God to tell them.

Some waiting to witness a miracle.

Some are guessing without confirmation.

Most are afraid.

Afraid they won’t like the answer.

Afraid they can’t do what God asks.

Afraid of what the have to let go of.

Afraid of what their family and friends may think or say.

Afraid they will be a pastor or evangelist, rolling on the floor at church speaking in toungues, etc.

Purpose is from God, He is the Creator, you are His creation, made for purpose.

Fear is from Satan and/or our own insecurities.

In your prayer, go to God, your Father, your Daddy, with an open and humble heart and simply ask Him, what is your purpose. Then, clear your distractions and make room in your heart and mind so that you can hear and receive (mentally and spiritually) what the Holy Spirit reveals to you. You may receive your revelation quickly or it may take some time. Don’t give up, but continually pray and submit your heart and mind to your Creator and you will receive an answer. You may not initially like the answer, don’t worry about that. Keep making space for your relationship with God, study His Word and apply it to your life (revelation, correction, direction, emotional healing, spiritual growth) and you will soon embrace a life of purpose.

Your new life, starts with a question.

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