Note To Self with Brinda Devine

This is for me, but you can get some too.

Often, we run through life not being fully present, not listening, not learning, not loving, not forgiving, not understanding.

At lot of this can be avoided by slowing down. Success in life is not measured by what you accumulate (proof, when you die you can’t take what you have with you). Success is measured by how you loved while you lived.

Today is for Believers, Communion day when we honor the sacrifice and the gift of life our Savior, Jesus Christ gave when he died for us on the cross.

We read about Jesus dying on the cross all the time, but don’t really slow down to really read, study and understand the value of what was sacrificed and given for us. God and His Son entered into a covenant (promise) for us, a gift of eternal life. They didn’t have to do it and we certainly didn’t deserve it, but it was done, perfecting an eternal gift of life in Heaven with our Savior, Redeemer, Advocate, Mediator - all for you, me, us.

Now we have time, slow down, and as we read and study the Bible, let us be present in mind, heart and spirit so that we can begin to broaden our understanding of the importance of the gift that we have been given.

Something to consider.


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