Inside Out

Last year, I met with someone I use to think highly of and had a good relationship with.

Over the past several years, it seem they have fallen prey to the spirits of manipulation and lies and we became enemies (at least in my mind).

Since our meeting last , I learned a lot about myself. Through the grace of God, revelation and conviction of the Holy Spirit and with Jesus Christ as my teacher and model. I learned my part in my enemy mentality, I learned to be humble, to be quiet, to let go and eventually to forgive. That struggle was a lesson and actually became the catalyst for my healing and spiritual growth.

A few months ago, I had to meet once again with this same person, I felt light, free and open. It felt good to be me, not weighed down with anger and bitterness and what people thought about me.

But looking across the table, I felt sorry for this person, who is highly educated and knows much, but really I find knows very little and is trapped in a box of other’s opinions and demands.

I see now they were actually in similar condition that I was in, the difference was that I had God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus to go to for my revelation, correction and direction.

There may be an opportunity here to eventually share the Good News with this person, we shall see.

In the end, our struggles are actually our testimonies turned inside out.

Love on you, then love on somebody else.


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