This is definately for me as I learn to overcome an old hurt, but as always you can have some too.

Below is taken from my new book , Authentication Process.

Forgiveness. Yesterday was an emotional day, but I stood on my square and the importance of my purpose was confirmed again - not softly, but loud and clear. I had a frank conversation with a family member that has decades of residual personal issues.

Residual - because they never took the time to look at their issues - but always looking at how someone else did them wrong.

If you feel someone hurt you (real or perceived) - FORGIVE THEM AND THEN ASK GOD TO FORGIVE YOU. Don’t spend decades walking around with old issues (real or perceived) hurting yourself and others because you feel somebody owes you something.

God already gave you everything you need and has promised you much more, but FIRST, YOU NEED TO FORGIVE THAT PERSON AND THEN ASK GOD TO FORGIVE YOU. You can continue to be stubborn about it if you want or even take it to your grave, but tell me how is that stubbornness working out for you SO FAR?


Something to think about as we desire an abundant life and all that God has for us.


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