When you are young you think it will never end. When you get older, you realize your bag of time is quickly slipping away. But as long as you are still breathing and in your right mind you still have .......time.

I wish I spent more time with God when I was younger, maybe I would have discovered my PURPOSE sooner, maybe not. What I love about PURPOSE is it keeps me focused on what God wants instead of what Brinda wants. Not saying that I never loose focus, but when I realize that I have, I refocus and get back to my PURPOSE.


*Pull you to people and opportunities you never even considered you would do in life. *Pull you away from people and situations you shouldn't be involved in. *Make you happier and content with your position in life. *Draw out your weaknesses that you protect and identify the spiritual gifts that you have denied or ignored your whole life. *Work you harder than you ever worked before, but you don't care, because you are following the plan God laid out for you and the feeling of joy and completeness you get from pleasing God is more than you could have ever imagined and you know in your heart that this is just the beginning.

Now, more than ever, if you know your PURPOSE stay focused on what God has for you to do.

He said TRUST HIM and I will.

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