21 Day Challenge Book - Authentication Process/ Days #11 and #12

Continuing on with Days #11 and #12 21 Day Challenge -

Book: Authentication Process

In the book, we are focusing on three perspectives of connecting us, the Believer to a life of purpose:

1. Birth of a renewed mind: aligning our thoughts to God's Word and purpose for our lives

2. Standing on your square: recognizing the importance of what is required of us as we navigate life and its many distractions

3. Following Christ: our challenges and struggles should be catalysts for our spiritual growth1. Me - the birth of a renewed mind, aligning our thoughts to God's Word and purpose for our lives.

Being a Believer and living a life of purpose is a process. Along, the way there are connections that we may miss. Today, we focus on the perspective of "Purpose" and its importance in our lives.

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Brinda Devine

Chapter 8: Conform

Connecting the dots: We, as Children of God, are to influence the world—not the other way around.

Note 1: Some of us have a face we show the world, another face we show to family and friends, and maybe even another face when we are alone. Who are you, really? Do you know? God calls us to our individual purpose, so we are His alone. We are not to conform to this world, but we are to walk in our purpose daily so that others will witness God’s salvation in our lives and believe that God will do the same for them.

Chapter 9 - Fear

Connecting the dots: Some of us know we need to change our lives, but we don’t want to put in the effort. Some of us are afraid to learn more than what we already know. Some of us are in denial. And some of us simply refuse to change.

Note 1: Fear is the #1 reason holding you back from more love, peace, joy, and all the promises God has for you. Fear is holding you back from healing (emotionally and physically). Fear is holding you back from forgiveness. Fear is holding you back from meeting the “authentic you” God named and planned for ages ago. Fear is not from God. There is power in you. What is holding you back?





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