21 Day Challenge Book - Authentication Process/ Day #6

Continuing on with Day #6 21 Day Challenge -

Book: Authentication Process

In the book, we are focusing on three perspectives of connecting the Believer to a life of purpose:

1. Birth of a renewed mind: aligning our thoughts to God's Word and purpose for our lives

2. Standing on your square: recognizing the importance of what is required of us as we navigate life and its many distractions

3. Following Christ: our challenges and struggles should be catalysts for our spiritual growth1. Me - the birth of a renewed mind, aligning our thoughts to God's Word and purpose for our lives.

Today’s reading is taken from Chapter 2, Note 5, and the perspective is Me- but this time we are looking at the distractions that keep us focused on the world rather than on God.

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Brinda Devine

Note 5: Distractions. We make this so difficult to understand when, really, it’s not. God created us because He loves us. He designed and made each of us for a purpose that is to be fulfilled. We have the freewill to ignore that purpose or to fulfill it. You may not like or want your purpose, but it is still yours to fulfill. You cannot fulfill your purpose until you decide to surrender your will and life to Him. The surrender is a daily, moment-to-moment process to abandon things, people, situations, emotions, bad habits, personal baggage, and the like that distract you from God and your purpose. We allow distractions because it is easier for us to deal with what we are comfortable with rather than agree with God and accept His infinite love.


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