ALL THINGS Work Together for Good

One of my favorite scriptures is Romans 8:28 NKJV:

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Often times, when we are going through a friend or family member may encourage us and say, "all things work together for good". We receive the message, say thank you and walk away not thinking beyond the words expressed. For me, this scripture has brought a lot of comfort and eased my mind.

Below is my interpretation of the deeper messages within this single scripture. So let's break it down:

The Book of Romans - Is in the New Testament and written by the Apostle Paul. So we know that Jesus has died for our sins, risen, and as our Lord and Savior, given us, Believers power and authority. And, the Holy Spirit is upon the Earth as our Comforter, Advocate, Intercessor, Counselor, Strengthener,Revealer and Teacher.

And we know (we the Believers have faith)

that all things (the good and the bad, life, misunderstanding, disappointments, jobs, marriage, children, finances, health, sickness, disease, loss, challenges, struggles, abuse, politics, the economy, and even death)

work together for good (Everything that happens on Earth will all work out the way God wants it to work out. We may never know why something good or bad happened. We might question or be mad at God, may be even wonder if God exists because of a tragedy that has happened to us. But let's consider all the prayers He has answered, the dangers He has kept us from, His faithfulness, grace and mercy over and over again. Who are we to question God? He is the Creator, we are simply the creation and He can do as He pleases. But we do know that because God is in our lives and every situation we experience that - it is good for us in the long run whether here on Earth or in Heaven. It may take a while to accept the "it is good" but as you continue to read and apply God's Word to your life, He will love on you, give you strength and your will align with His.)

to those who love God (Do you have a personal relationship with God? He knows and loves you, but do you know and love Him?),

to those who are the called (God calls us all. We all hear the call. Some listen to the call and some do not. And even as we go through a struggle, those of us who have responded to God's call have to remain righteous. There will days when we don't do right - but the goal is still the same - to be righteous and align our will to His. God will fight our battles.)

according to His purpose.(Again, God is the Creator and we are the creation. He does not have to get our permission on anything. He is Sovereign and He does what He wants according to what He wants, not our individual plans).

In closing,encourage yourself and claim your peace. God is working it ALL out for your good.

With Love,

Brinda Devine

Brinda Devine, is the author of her signature book, Discover Your Value, Discover Your Purpose. Her second book, Authentication Process is scheduled for release in 2020. Brinda is also the founder of Purpose Institute, an organization with a mission to share the importance of making PURPOSE FIRST in our daily lives.

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