Self-awareness/ Part 3

I keep posting on self awareness because it’s important. Your past impacts your present, your future and everyone you have relationships with and come in contact with.

Surprisingly, I often find myself in the company of adults that are not self-aware of themselves in that they don't:

1. consider the reasons behind why they feel or behave the way they do,

2. open their minds to new ideas, perspectives and people, and

3. challenge themselves to try new things which often introduces us to new people, talents and opportunities.

In my opinion, this lack of desire to discover more about themselves is hidden in their personal backstory - a situation or parent, family member, teacher, boss, even a stranger - planted a defeating seed in their lives and told them something comparable to - you are not capable, you are not good enough, you are not lovable, you don't have enough, you don't fit in, etc.

Those negative, soul crushing thoughts were planted in their mind and heart and sadly, that is what they started to believe about themselves.

I would like to offer this for you to consider, there is a connection between what you believe about yourself and God's purpose and plans for your life. God shows us that He is faithful.

But, consider this - faith has two sides.

In faith, we believe in God and what we know He can do because that is His character. But, the other side of faith also requires that we do something - believe in ourselves and our abilities (God designed us with everything we need) and be diligent in doing what God has called us to do.

Something to think about.

With Love,

Brinda Devine


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