Self-awareness Part 2/ Bad Habits

We all have some bad habits (some learned, some forced, some just happened). Do you ever ask yourself why you do what you do? You should, because the more you know about yourself, the better you will feel about your past, present and God's plans for your life.

Not really knowing yourself, allows satan the ability to find a space (make room) in your life where he can fit in and possibly impact the quality of your faith (Luke 22:31-34).

For example, I have a bad habit of over checking things - the symptom of which I found out to be anxiety. Not long ago, I asked myself, where did this habit come from? Thinking about it, I realized it must have manifested from being anxious as a child. All these years, I simply accepted the behavior of over checking rather than realizing it was a symptom of some thing bigger - anxiety (worry, unease, nervousness).

So I am starting to replace the old anxious thoughts with new ones, like "you checked that once already" and "God is in control". If I believe that God is in control, then I don’t have to be anxious or overly concerned. In the end, my bad habit of over checking things is a waste of time and energy, and does not reflect my faith that - God is in control.

I am always writing about: considering a new thought, renewing your mind, changing your perceptive because these simple responses can change your life 360 degrees, like they are powerful and changed my life. But, be mindful that your change will not happen all at once, the change is a process, a life long process of you abandoning the old person (i.e., old thoughts, bad attitude, bad habits) and allowing the new (i.e., new thoughts, new attitude, new habits, new people, new opportunities) to find a place (make room) in your life.

Attached is a list of self defeating habits. Please take a look and see if any have your name on any of them, then ask yourself why? If you cannot come up with any particular reason, then spend a bit of time and think back on the possible reason for your behavior. The answer may be in your past.

Now what?

This is what I like to do, I go to Google and search Bible scriptures that address my behavior.

For example, I Googled "Bible verses over checking stuff" and found scriptures on anxiety which is really my problem, the over checking stuff is simply the fruit from the anxiety.

So, please take some time and Google your bad habit/behavior by following my example: Bible verses (add your bad habit/behavior) and find out what the Bible says and how that bad habit/behavior (which is really a symptom of something larger) could possibly be holding a small space for satan to subtly impact your life- but more importantly your faith.

Something to think about.

With Love,

Brinda Devine


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