Blessed Distractions

Life is full of distractions.

Some good and some bad, but distractions just the same.

We have to be careful not to let our blessings become distractions that take away and negatively impact our relationship with God.

Here are typical examples of where we are blessed by God, but allow those same blessings to become distractions within our lives:

1. Blessed with a new/better job or business. Now you are too busy to pray, read/study the Bible and/or go to church.

2. Blessed with a spouse or mate, but now you have given your time, heart and passion over to this person not realizing that you have placed them on a pedestal and are worshiping them instead of God.

3. Blessed with children, but you allow them to rule you and dictate the priorities and activities of your house.

4. Prayed for an increase in your finances, but now your heart is stingy and ungrateful when it comes to giving God what He is owed (tithes and offerings).

5. Asked for and was blessed with a new expensive car and/or house, but now there is no money left in your budget to present your first fruit of tithes and offerings to your Lord.

6. Got a new smart phone, but during church service you are consumed with checking your Facebook and Instagram posts that God's Word never reaches your mind or your heart.

7. You have come out on the other side of a struggle, but you give yourself all the credit for your breakthrough not acknowledging that God the Creator has carried and provided for you. Instead, you claim God's Glory for yourself.

8. Blessed with an education, social position and a bit of power and influence and you now believe that you are the center of everything and everyone one else is beneath you.

Life is about balance.

Be thankful for your blessings, but be careful not let your blessings turn into distractions.

Be careful to keep God first.

Everything else, including you and how you feel comes after.

With Love,

Brinda Devine





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