Vain Confidence

Remember growing up, momma would tell us, "If your friend jumped off a bridge, would you do the same? I believe Momma was trying to teach us a valuable lesson in looking at people and situations for what they were and making a decision on what we knew instead of our emotions.

In today's culture, I believe that many of us did not understand momma's lesson or take it to heart, because we allow people we believe have influence our lives to take authority of our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and even our faith.

In Ezekiel 11: 1-6, God takes the Prophet Ezekiel into another vision to warn the people of Israel of devastating judgement. So far we have been told that the people of Israel have been lead by sinful priests. Now we see how the people of Israel have put their confidence in leaders, great men that have made decisions based on their vain confidence, that is in their own abilities and their plans that mock and go against the message God has sent them in His prophets - judgement for your sins in on the way. The people of Israel knew that judgement was on the table, but chose to ignore all the prophets and keep living as they always had confident that the repercussions of their sins were far away and something they did not have to be concerned with.

Ezekiel 11:1-6, Then the Spirit picked me up and took me to the gate of the Temple that faces east. There were twenty-five men standing at the gate. I recognized the leaders, Jaazaniah son of Azzur and Pelatiah son of Benaiah. God said, “Son of man, these are the men who draw up blueprints for sin, who think up new programs for evil in this city. They say, ‘We can make anything happen here. We’re the best. We’re the choice pieces of meat in the soup pot.’ “Oppose them, son of man. Preach against them.”Then the Spirit of God came upon me and told me what to say: “This is what God says: ‘That’s a fine public speech, Israel, but I know what you are thinking. You’ve murdered a lot of people in this city. The streets are piled high with corpses.’

We can't judge the people of Israel because we do the same things. We heard God's call, but choose to keep living the way we always have. We listen to and are influenced by what we perceive to be leaders - entertainers, actors, basketball players, politicians, social media influences, family members, bosses and just about anything or anybody that appeals to our emotions and distracts us so that we don't have to deal with the inevitable question - but what does God want me to do?

Something to think about.

Have a wonderful day.

With Love,

Brinda Devine



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