The Calling/A Diligent Search

When I started writing about purpose, one of my key topics was DISTRACTIONS - things, people, beliefs, emotions, sins that keep us away from establishing a closer relationship with God, and subsequently from discovering our purpose.

Today, I am reading Ezekiel Chapter 8 and God has carried the prophet away in a vision and shown him the sins the priests/elders carried on behind closed doors within God's temple. Ezekiel's view of the priest/elders sins started with a small peephole (entry to sin) in the wall and the hole grew larger as the complexities of their sins were revealed. At one point, Ezekiel sees 70 priests/elders in a chamber worshiping painted idols on the wall, one of which he recognized, as an elder in the community.

To apply this to our daily lives, its easy to focus on the news, politics, our family, what is going wrong, who said this, who said that. It's a lot easier to examine what is going on in the world rather than what is going on emotionally and spiritually within ourselves. It's easier to go after and criticize other people rather than deal with our own little peepholes (sin) that we hide, some we have held so long that we have grown comfortable doing.

We are quick to point out someone else's flaws, sins, and evil ways. The priest/elders, Ezekiel saw in God's vision were called to be dedicated to God and His people, but its was those little sins they picked up from their neighbors that eventually led them to create walls/barriers in their relationship with God and dilute their purpose. So let us (you and me) all be careful and diligent to search out our own distractions (things, people, beliefs, emotions, sins) that keep us from a deeper relationship with God.

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Brinda Devine



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