Submission Is Not A Bad Word

This week I posted about renewing your mind- taking off the old and putting on the new. Between the lines the concept of submission was mentioned.

People don’t like the word submission because they feel it’s a negative word. Submission to God is really in all simplicity realizing that we don’t got it going on and don’t own or control anything. God gives us everything - house, cars, family, job, business, money, 401k, health- even our breath.

An antonym of submission is rebellion.

Satan was rebellious against God, Eve and Adam were rebellious against God, we are rebellious in nature to God. Yes, rebellious. Actually it’s the same mindset of Satan. So we need to continually be aware of the subtle delusion that a rebellious nature brings to our lives. Rebellious is not always loud, sometimes it’s subtle weaved into other behaviors like selfishness or stubbornness.

Your submission to God is going to be hard if you worship your position or titles (let that sink in). Once you realize that you are nothing without God and are here to serve and praise Him (a servant) submission will become easier, your hurts will become lighter and you will begin to trust God and cast your cares on Him. This is freedom.

Below is verse, Philipians 2:6-7. Take note that Jesus Christ willingly submitted himself as a servant for us: Key words: taking the very nature of a servant.

Have a great day and remember submission of our lives to align to God’s plan for our lives is an EVERYDAY, continuous process. Be blessed.

Much Love,

Brinda Devine





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