You Are A Rose

Today’s post is for all the young women finding their way through.

You are a rose, that’s true.

You are beautiful to look upon with your vibrate color. People love to embrace your soft petals and take in the sweet fragrance that falls from your presence.

Your branches are strong and desire to grow and extend to new places. Be careful, pay attention my sweet rose, your thorns are surely a blessing from God designed to keep you from harm. But, be mindful and not misuse what God has given to hurt others nor limit the amazing life He has planned just for you.

As your branches spread wide and you experience life for yourself, allow God to remove those thorns that have hurt you. That person, that pain, those disappointments, those words that have broken you, let God take those and refresh you with His continuous love and healing.

Beautiful, sweet rose, open your mind to new ideas, listen more, read, pray more, love yourself more and better, have your own opinions, speak up for yourself more, love more and mature into the righteous, whole woman you were born to be.

There are so many new amazing people you can meet and learn from, so many bridges you will cross and many crossroads you will wander upon unsure of what decision to make.

Desire to be in God’s presence, fully experience this life, this gift you have been given, not under the weight of the past, not how others see you, not even how you see yourself, but as God sees you, His child, a beautiful creation, designed and purposed to do great things.

Let’s have a great day! For the young and the mature let’s allow God to remove those thorns that hurt and bind us.


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