If you would just allow yourself to stop denying how personal hurts, disappointments and fear have bound you. If you would just allow yourself to peal back all the layers that you call – you. If you would just peal back those layers until you reach that place of childlike innocence, that level of conscientiousness where it is just you and God. That place where you realize that you are just a spirit, a puff of vapor, here today, gone tomorrow and He is the sovereign God, the Creator of all, including you. If you could just this once allow yourself to enter into His presence without any weight of the world and for a little bit of time see the person He wants you to be rather than the flesh you run after.

If you could just pull back that layer, you will begin to see how great you are and each day you will see a little more of what God sees in you, what He had in mind before the world began. If you could just start to peal back those layers and trust God you will soon be amazed at what you find. A person being filled with love, power, authority and blessed with talents and spiritual gifts all given to do His will. Your past will become less important, your heart will open and your thoughts will desire to focus on what is really important in this life, answering God’s call and discovering and doing the purpose you were so wondrously created to do.


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