Just An Observation

The biggest obstacle WE face in life is – OURSELVES.

WE judge and compare OURSELVES to others.

WE listen and agree with fear.

WE second guess OURSELVES, WE think that WE are not good enough.

WE tell OURSELVES, not now, but later.

WE put everyone and everything first, instead of God.

WE are stubborn and prideful over small things.

WE walk into life and easily accept expectations created by OUR parents, OUR jobs, social media and the world at large.

WE don’t want to forgive.

WE think everything is about us/me.

WE hear, but don’t really listen because WE are insecure.

WE speak over others to defend OURSELVES , often times when somethings should be left unsaid.

WE waste time.

WE struggle to say simple words like, “hello” , “I’m sorry” “thank you”, “I appreciate you”.

WE live a small life because WE think small.

WE rather follow someone to nowhere than follow Jesus Christ who knows exactly what WE need.

Just an observation.

Now, go back and insert the word “I” for “WE” and “MYSELF” FOR OURSELVES .

Something to think about.

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