I Got A Bunch of Stuff On My Mind

I got a bunch of stuff on my mind.

1. I went to a wonderful women’s conference this weekend. I think within 24 hours Satan came and tried to steal my joy and tried to make me pick up the fears I left at the women’s conference. Nope, not gonna do it. All things, work together for the good. If you find yourself being blessed and healed, be prepared, Satan is going to throw something at you to trip you up.

2. I am so tired of hearing people say the F- and N- words like its going out of style. It’s not cute and people look ignorant saying it out loud in common conversation.

3. Passive people that just accept anything, just get on my nerves. Not because this is what they do, because they want to convince you to be that way, be miserable and settle for less than they need or deserve just to get along.

4. Why do we give money to rich people, but are judgemental and stingy to poor people who really need the help?

5. Being politically correct is diluting our culture. Sometimes you got to call stuff for what it is and accept it.

6. The world is getting worse because we allow it. Too afraid and working too hard to be politically correct and not hurt someone’s feelings.

7. People need to learn to think for themselves. If you support a person, effort or political party that has an underlying theme of hate, racism and sexism, then that is where your heart is. You don’t see your insecurity to belong, but I do.

8. I get tired of seeing atheist post behind positive religious posts. If you are truly an atheist, (which you are not, you are just wounded and in need of love) then just ignore the post like you ignore God.

9. So many people are mad at God and have left the church because they say church people are hypocrites. Stop worrying about what’s going on with everybody else and read the Bible for yourself and stop listening to what people tell you about the Bible, find out for yourself. Focus on your relationship and be that example of Christ for others to see. In the Bible, Believers are to fellowship together. If you don’t like your current church then get up and visit other churches until you find the one that fits you.

I told you I had a lot on my mind.

I feel better now. Thank you.

Have a great day and guard your heart against all evil, seen and unseen.

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