Entitled Mindset

I come to God with prayers of entitlement.

I ask to be blessed, to cast down my enemies, to move all that is in my way so that I can claim the glory and be comfortable.

So vain that I repeatedly ask the Lord in prayer to perfectly do for me when I have difficulty listening and doing what He has asked of me.

I am but a collection of breaths within a body of dirt. I am nothing compared to God.

He doesn’t have to do anything else for me, He really doesn’t.

He already gave the best of what He had, His Son and at times I act like I don’t truly understand or appreciate what that cost Him or His Son.

But God is not like me, nor is His love like mine. He gives me undeserved grace and favor. He blesses me over and over again.

And, He doesn’t have to.

So be grateful and thank God for all He has done and promises to do.

Come to God with an open heart to give and not just to receive. He desires my praise, worship and love.

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