Brinda Devine 

 The Christian principle of purpose teaches us that every one of us is created by God for a purpose.  How would your life have been had you known you had a purpose, a reason for being born? I spent the majority of my life focused on what the world wanted instead of what God wanted for my life. At the age of 52, I discovered my purpose through the revelation of the Holy Spirit - which is to tell people the Good News of Jesus Christ and to share the importance of value and purpose.

I founded Purpose8 Institute with the mission of sharing the importance of purpose in our everyday lives. I do this by creating and sharing my journey of pursuing purpose in books, blogs, videos and online Purpose class.


I truly believe that we can change the narrative when we share our testimony and tell people that God loves them and that their lives have purpose and is much greater than anything the world can offer. I welcome you to take a few moments and visit the different areas of this website.  


In addition to pursuing my purpose, I share a life with my husband, Eddie and our sons, Elijah and Justin in the metro Detroit area.  You can connect with me on the platforms shown below.

With Love, 

Brinda Devine


Ph: 248-219-6685


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Phone: (248) 219-6685

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